Mediate Theology

The Resurrection New Testament
An Enhanced Translation 
Includes the Interwoven Gospels

The Resurrection New Testament is a new compilation of the Gospel texts taken from the most accurate modern translations available.  Dr. Gordon Olson selected the various passages based on his 70+ years of Bible and language research. Along the way, he has corrected 8 major translational errors and scores of minor errors in the text.  The result is an enhanced translation that is outstandingly accurate in common English.  A unique bonus is The Interwoven Gospels - an easy-to-read chronological record of Christ's ministry in the New Testament.

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Beyond Calvinism and Arminianism
An Inductive Mediate Theology of Salvation
(3rd Updated Edition)

Calvinists and Arminians are at opposite poles on the question as to how God applies the merits of Christs saving death to sinners. Few recognize any mediate view between the opposite views, with a mainstream of Evangelicals who are not fully committed to either system. Olson seeks a resolution of the conflict by an inductive rather than deductive approach to Scripture. He does fresh exegesis of the relevant biblical texts, focusing on important word studies, the context of each passage, and the flow of progressive revelation of God's truth to humanity in history. 

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What in the World is God Doing? 
 (7th Updated Edition)
The Essentials of Global Missions: An Introductory Guide

A concise, readable introductory text for the study of missions across both the world and church history.   Dr. Olson combines all of the essential elements needed to understand modern missionary ministry: theology history, the role of the church, and mission strategy.  The book is in its 5th edition (2003) and about 50,000 copies have been sold.  It has been carefully updated for the new century; analyzing needs, articulating challenges, identifying trends, and suggesting strategies. 

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Getting the Gospel Right
A Balanced View of Salvation Truth

An abridged and revised edition of Beyond Calvinism and Arminianism (above).  

In the forward by Dr. Tim LaHaye he calls it a delightful book and says, "It has been a long time since I have read a book that I agree with so thoroughly ... your well defined position is unadulterated Biblical truth ....It shows careful research, documentation, and inductive Bible examination."

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